Back Home, Despite a Scare

I’ve spent the last 11 days traveling in Europe, returning home late yesterday. It wasn’t a holiday or even corporate boondoggle as this was 3 cities, 2 events at which I spoke, travel in planes, trains, and automobiles, a minor sinus infection, and movement across 6 hotels. All with just this luggage:


Packed too full, and heavy, but I made it.

I returned late afternoon and in between spending time with family, I booted up my desktop and was surprised to find that Dropbox gave me an error. As I dug in, one of my SSDs wasn’t visible in Windows, containing VMs, my local DropBox folders and a few other things. Not what I wanted to deal with the first night back.

I shut down the system and rechecked connections this morning, then rebooted to find things working, but it was a good reminder to double check my backups and ensure that I’ve got copies of data in case I do lose an SSD.

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2 Responses to Back Home, Despite a Scare

  1. rsterbal says:

    Do you prefer Dropbox to Google Drive?

    How much downtime would you have if you needed to recreate everything because of a total loss?

    • way0utwest says:

      I’ve gotten used to Dropbox. I use it and One Drive, Google Drive rarely, but I think they all work about the same. Dropbox has just been really convenient for me.

      If I lost the drive, I have a number of VMs backed up on other drives. They might be older backups, but I did copy a few important ones to portable drives for my last trip. I do use Crashplan to back up this machine, but not sure how that does with large VDX files, so state could be an issue. I’d expect that I could get the entire drive back in a day or two in the background while I continued to work. If I lost the entire machine, it would be a day to replace hardware and then restore from Crashplan. No idea there, but I’d likely be able to install and get running, and then restore in the background.

      With new laptops (I’ve set up 3 in the last year), I can be productive in a few hours, since I have cloud backups of a lot of stuff (Dropbox/OneDrive/Evernote) that lets me get going quickly. I use Chocolatey to reinstall things quickly, as needed.

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