Learning Azure Data Platform

One of the issues I’ve seen with Azure is that is changes rapidly. It’s cool in that new things get added and problems get addressed. There’s also a buzz with learning and working with Azure from many people, including lots of MVPs. This means we get lots of things written by technical experts, Microsoft, and casual experimenters.

However that volume of stuff gets outdated quickly. I know in looking for answers why a few things in TFS on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) didn’t work correctly had me wading through lots of fixes that weren’t applicable anymore. In fact, most of the information I found wasn’t helpful because that version of TFS online didn’t exist anymore.

Grant Fritchey has an ambitious project to try and help cut through some of the clutter. He’s build a GitHub repo that has lots of community based resources.  He’s looking to get people to submit resources, take pull requests and hopefully keep this up to date.

I’m not sure that he can handle the volume of information, but he can always give repo access to others and crowdsource the information. Assuming people get along, this should do well.

Anyway, take a look, give feedback, and if you find good articles that help you learn about Azure, add them.

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