Bringing DevOps to the Database


DevOps is a hot topic in today’s software development world. However most of the knowledge and experience with DevOps is based around application software and ignores the database. We will examine how the concepts and principles of DevOps can be applied to database development by looking at both automated comparison analysis as well as migration script management. Automated building, testing, and deployment of database changes will be shown.

Level: 200 – Not to technical, but you should have some idea of how software development works to get something out of this talk.


  1. Conceptually understand how DevOps principles can easily be applied to the database in either state based or migrations based changes.
  2. Learn how databases can be automatically built and tested in a CI/CD environment
  3. Understand how database releases can be automated, but are different than those deployment/releases made for other software.


This presentation has a few demos where I show how I stored database code in a VCS, perform an automated build, and use a scripted release process to move code from one database to the next. The demos are pre-built, so I just show how they work. I can do this with:

  • git, VSTS Build and VSTS Release
  • git or SVN, Team City, and Octopus Deploy


There are a few versions, as this talk has evolved.

GroupBy – Bringing DevOps to the Database Groupby.pptx

Live!360/VSLive – VSLive-Orlando 2016.pptx

SQL Saturday Cambridge – Bringing DevOps to the Database.pptx

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