Fun and Contests at Summit 2016

I’ll be attending the 2016 Pass Summit as a part of the Redgate Software crew. I’m not speaking this year, so most of my time will be at the Redgate booth, showing you a few tricks and tips with products and maybe convincing you that we can help your company produce software just a little bit better.

As a part of the Redgate experience this year, we have a few fun contests for you, an amazing new product, and a party as well. First, the contests.

Win Coffee

Many of us like coffee. Even if you don’t, I bet someone in your life does. Redgate is giving you that chance to win Death Wish Coffee. In fact, you can win a year’s supply. Just the thing to help you get through those longs weeks at work.

Come by the Redgate booth and learn the answers to a few questions. Then enter online.

Oh year, you’ll also win a SQL Toolbelt + support.

Win a GoPro Hero 5 Session

We have a difference flyer that you can fill out and return to win a GoPro Hero 5 Session. That’s a neat little camera that looks like a lot of fun. In fact, maybe I need to get one of these for some mini movies in my life.

SQL Clone

I’m excited about SQL Clone. In fact, I saw a demo, using mocked up basic PoSh over a year ago and I knew this was a great idea. It’s finally coming to fruition, with a beta release next month (Nov 2016).

However, Grant is presenting a session SQL Clone on Thursday, Oct 27, at 3:15pm. Come see this talk and learn why I think this will really help with database development (and other tasks).

Redgate Rocks

Thursday night, Oct 27,  Redgate Software is hosting a party. This will be from 7:30-10:30 at 1927 Events on 3rd Ave. With drinks and snacks, this will be a fun time and  a good chance to unwind and chat with colleagues.

You’ll need a wristband to attend, so be sure to stop by the Redgate booth and pick one up.

Follow @redgate

We’re on twitter as @redgate, and we’ll be posting updates during the week, so keep in touch with us and hope to see you next week.

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  1. pianorayk says:

    The company that makes Death Wish Coffee is only about a half-hour from my house! 🙂

  2. pianorayk says:

    Not yet. Been meaning to!

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