Getting Team City working with BitBucket

As a part of building a CI/CD home lab, I set up TeamCity in the past. I plan on using this for multiple projects, and in fact, I’d built a basic Hello, World C# application as my first build.

Now it is time to work on something more complex. As a part of my SQL Server Builds project, I decided to host the Ready Roll build here. That means connecting TeamCity to BitBucket.

I had no idea how this might work, and some searching showed that this needed a plugin prior to v10, but the capability was built-in after that. I’ve been meaning to upgrade, so I did that first. As you can see, I have my TC v10 system, and when I go to create a new project, BitBucket is a first class citizen.

2016-11-15 11_57_33-Projects — TeamCity

Once I picked this, the system has me authenticate with Bitbucket (I won’t show this) and then get a key and secret that I paste into the dialog. This is fairly easy to follow, but for security purposes I’ll skip that. Once I’m authenticated, I can see my repos:

2016-11-15 14_21_23-Create Project From Bitbucket Cloud — TeamCity

I pick this repo and a project is created. In fact, TeamCity detects that I’ve got a VS solution in the repo, so it sets that as my build config.

2016-11-15 12_02_58-Build Configuration — TeamCity

That’s pretty cool, and I’m hooked up. Or am I? Let’s see. I’ll manually run a build.

2016-11-15 12_43_56-Sqlserverbuilds RR __ Build _ #1 (15 Nov 16 12_36) _ Overview — TeamCity

It doesn’t work. However, if you read the error, you’ll realize that the ReadyRoll project type doesn’t seem to work. That’s because I’m building on this server, which is separate from my development machine. I need to install the ReadyRoll binaries there.

A quick download from Redgate, and I install ReadyRoll. Now when I click “run”, I get this:

2016-11-15 12_44_05-Sqlserverbuilds RR __ Build _ Overview — TeamCity


There’s more to getting setup, but this is a quick look at getting TeamCity hooked up to BitBucket.

If you want to try ReadyRoll, grab an eval.

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