Find my git remote

I work on a few projects and have a bunch of demos setup, but I don’t work on them all every week. Being only semi-creative like many of you, I end up with some similar projects with similar names. When I wanted to determine which project was linked to which remote repository, I didn’t see an easy way.

I perused help from the command line, but didn’t see anything, so I did a quick Google search. From Stack Overflow, I found this quick command.

git remote –v

When I ran this, I easily could get the address of my remote:

2016-12-03 20_12_43-cmd

Running this in each of the repos showed me the one I needed.

I’m sure plenty of experienced people might know this, or you might always use something like SourceTree or GitKraken, but if you’re working in the command line more (as I often am), you might find this handy.

Hopefully I’ll also remember this now.

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