Manual v Automation

I’ve got my work cut out for me. This week is SQL in the City 2017. One of the sessions I need to present is a Manual DBA database deployment against an automated CI/CD process with the Redgate tools.

To give our automated DBA a chance, I’ll be playing the role of the manual DBA, which means I’ll need all my typing skills and experience to try and quickly get code moved from one instance to the next.

I don’t have a lot of confidence I’ll be faster, but I do know I can do the deployment. Or at least, I know I have done plenty of manual deployments in my career that have worked. I know how to script out changes, check them, and be sure they get executed in the right order on the next instance.


I’ve also made plenty of mistakes, even with simple changes. I’ve learned that while I know what to do, I don’t always do what I should. Fortunately I know how to fix things quickly. Patching live in production. Always a good idea, right?

We’ll see.

We’re broadcasting a virtual SQL in the City this year, on December 14/15. The same content is both days, spread out to cover different time zones on each day. I hope you’ll join us and see what Redgate has in store for 2017.

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