Back After the Break

Refreshed and back to work today. After a week at Redgate Software for SQL in the City, I took a week to travel in Ireland with my family. In that time, I really ignored almost all email and didn’t manage SQLServerCentral at all.

Well, I did fix one article bug and replied to a couple comments, but mostly I ignored things. Even over Christmas and yesterday, back in the US, I tried to really ignore most work. I spent about an hour doing some SPAM cleanup, but that was early morning because my body clock was still on GMT time.

However, I’m back at it today. Up at almost a normal time (no kids to get to school, so slightly late), I wandered to the office, made coffee, and got back to editor duties.

I feel nice and refreshed. Being disconnected in Ireland for most of a week, I really had a nice chance to relax and not think or worry about computers and technology. I even avoided most Twitter/news on my phone, just getting away.

Now it’s time to get back on track, and I’m a little overwhelmed as I’ve been out of touch for almost two weeks. Feels like I have a lot of editing to do and plenty of scheduling and certainly need to get back to learning more and improving myself.

Hope everyone else had a great holiday break.

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