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Reminder: Extending DevOps Practices to SQL Server Databases with Redgate

I’m hosting a  new webinar on the DLM tools from Redgate Software and database DevOps. Tomorrow, Tues, Jan 17, at noon EST, Arneh Eskandari, a great sales engineer, will be demoing the tools and techniques to deploy changes. You can … Continue reading

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The Top 20 SQL Toolbelt Tips

Redgate produces some great software, and I’m glad that I get to use all of them as a developer and DBA. I use many of the tools each week, some daily, but I constantly find that there are plenty of … Continue reading

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Writing the Correct Query is Important

There’s a saying in the data world: garbage in, garbage out. We use that when we can’t get good information from our database because the data we’ve stored isn’t as useful as we would like. That’s a problem, and it’s … Continue reading

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