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Quick SQL CLone Support

I have been playing with SQL Clone for a few weeks now and liking the product. I’m looking forward to using this more and more, especially for testing ideas in development. However, there are times I have questions or am … Continue reading

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Getting My Alias in #SQLPrompt

I got a tweet after my SQL Prompt formatting piece that said a user would be interested in upgrading from v5 if “as ‘Alias’” was transformed into “’Alias’ = “. Well, in v7.3, this is in there, and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Delaying Patches is Problematic

I was listening to a DevOps podcast from Josh Corman, of Rugged Software. Rugged Software aims to improve security by asking developers and sysadmins to adhere to their manifesto, which recognizes both the importance of software in the modern world, … Continue reading

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