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The vNext Bleeding Edge

Microsoft has had early access programs for years. I worked at a few companies that were a part of the TAP (Technology Adoption Program) program, and we would get access to code early in exchange for providing feedback and working … Continue reading

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Finding Sysadmins with dba tools–GetDbaRoleMember

I really like the dbatools project. This is a series of PowerShell cmdlets that are built by the community and incredibly useful for migrations between SQL Servers, but also for various administrative actions. I have a short series on these … Continue reading

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How Much Code Can You Review?

When I was in college, I mostly wrote my own code for assignments (and fun), turning it in when I thought it was done. At some point I had a class that started to adopt more software engineering practices, and … Continue reading

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What’s a Database Encryption Key (DEK) in TDE

The encryption mechanisms in SQL Server are interesting, and they work well, but they are somewhat poorly named. I ran across a few people struggling to understand, so I decided to cover the concepts in a series of posts. This … Continue reading

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