Speaking at SQL Konferenz 2017

I’m heading back across the Atlantic this February for SQL Konferenz. This is an intimate SQL Server event in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt). I was fortunate to be picked to speak in 2015, but skipped 2016 as the timing wasn’t good. This year, things lined up for me, and I’ll be attending the conference after a short visit to the Redgate offices.

I will be presenting a talk on Database Devops, updated from last year, and looking at ways in which you can get your database into a better software development process.

There are a number of other great sessions on all aspects of SQL Server, both the core engine and BI topics. There are also a good selection of presentations in both English and German. Just for fun, I might go to a German one to see if I can follow along. Perhaps I’ll go see the Cloud Service in Azure one.

You can register today for SQL Konferenz and come enjoy the event with me. See you in February.

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4 Responses to Speaking at SQL Konferenz 2017

  1. Actually, the Konferenz is in Darmstadt, even in the (more or less) famous Darmstadtium building 😉

  2. way0utwest says:

    You are correct. I keep thinking Frankfurt because that’s where I’m flying, and Darmstadt seems like a suburb, but I’ll change this.

  3. sqlrockstar says:

    The opening PASS keynote is in German, I believe. I seem to recall listening to Oliver speaking one year and I had to listen for my name to know when to stand up. Loved trying to follow along. That was the year they did their 10th anniversary party and had trivia slides showing t-sql trivia, all in German. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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