The 10 Day Cleanse

Disclosure: It hasn’t been 10 days, but I wanted to write something at this point, after 7 days. I know some of you are trying to be more healthy, so I’m posting some thoughts.

Let me cut to the chase, and then some thoughts. First, this is a week for me with no coffee, no alcohol, no soda, and almost no food. I’m amazed I got here. I’ve lost 12+ pounds from when I started.

I’ve been doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse with my wife. For the last seven days, I’ve been subsisting on

  1. green smoothies (I get 64oz/day)
  2. decaf tea (green and detox)
  3. carrots
  4. grapes
  5. nuts
  6. hard boiled eggs
  7. peanut butter (and cashew butter, which is really good)
  8. water

That’s it. I drink about 4 of these a day:

Photo Jan 31, 9 59 12 AM

And these smoothies, usually in 3-4 chunks.

Photo Jan 28, 6 21 19 AM

Lovely, huh?

I’m hungry often, but mostly I’m unsatisfied. It’s a mixed bag for me. I’ve lost weight. I think I’m slimmer and healthier, but I also think about food. A lot. All the time.

I also think about how I think about food. I realize it’s comfort for me, and probably need to take less comfort and be more careful.

It’s been an interesting week. Three days to go and then I’ll be back on a semi normal diet. There is a transition with one smoothie and then better eating. I’ll try that a bit, but I spend 10 days traveling for work, which will be tough. At least I’m more aware of what I eat and what I can tolerate with regards to hunger.

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4 Responses to The 10 Day Cleanse

  1. rsterbal says:

    I’d recommend eating less sugars and more natural fat in the medium run.


  2. Way to go Steve! I had a beat based cleanse ONCE. I can’t do that again. What’s in your “lovely” smoothy?

    Were all nuts ok? Almonds are the most healthy.

    Finally, I feel your pain. I have to deal with not having certain foods for years. It sucks. ESPECIALLY when food is pushed on you. It’s a good thing you work at home. 🙂


  3. way0utwest says:

    Always good suggestions. I’m hoping I can alter my habits after this.


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