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A Sore Throat from Traveling

I’ve been avoiding recording podcasts for most of the last two weeks, so there haven’t been any. My apologies to those people that like the editorial as a podcast, but I’ve been ill and my voice is slightly shot. After … Continue reading

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The 10 Day Cleanse

Disclosure: It hasn’t been 10 days, but I wanted to write something at this point, after 7 days. I know some of you are trying to be more healthy, so I’m posting some thoughts. Let me cut to the chase, … Continue reading

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Culture Differences: US v UK

This is a bit of an off topic post from the technical stuff, but there’s a bit of a tie-in, so stick with me. I had to get a tire fixed this morning. I actually owned a replacement tire, so … Continue reading

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Information on the Go

I have been very interested in smart watches over the last couple years. I like wearing a watch that allows me to glance at it for the current time. While I can pull out my phone, and I’ve done that … Continue reading

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#GetHawt – The Summer 2012 Edition

Jen McCown started a #GetHawt set of posts last year and I think it went well. It must have, so she started an invitation for a summer competition. Silly me hadn’t been paying much attention, even though I’d seen the … Continue reading

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Bad Eyes

This editorial was originally published on Jan 9, 2006. Steve is traveling to the UK this week and we are reprinting a few older editorials. It seems that most DBAs that I know are a little bit older and more … Continue reading

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