A Corporate Wellness Day

Today is the corporate Wellness Day at Redgate. It’s a day off for almost everyone in the company, unless they have something that can’t get moved. A few support people, a few others, like me, that are traveling. We, however, will get another day that we can take off.

When we revamped benefits for 2023, one of the things that we wanted to encourage was health and wellness. We added a couple days off, like this company holiday and a birthday day off. We also reduced the ability for employees to get out of vacation by not buying back days and emphasizing that managers should ensure they work with people to take their entire allowance. We can carry over 5 days, but no more.

I like the idea of this day off, as it means people take some time away and won’t come back to a bunch of emails or other things that people sent during their break. Instead, the company is essentially shutting down.

I don’t mind missing today for travel. I’ve got things to do and I’m looking forward to working with a customer tomorrow. However, I also value my days off and I am looking to try and get a day later this week or next and get up to the mountains.

Whether you think this is a good idea or not, I would hope you admit that it’s nice that the company is trying to ensure employee wellness. Last week had a number of meetings for Mental Health Awareness Week, and to cap off those efforts, we close today.

I’ve never had a corporate closure like this as a benefit. I’m looking forward to next year and taking the day off with everyone else.

I hope.

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1 Response to A Corporate Wellness Day

  1. Nice. Red-gate is showing that it values it’s employees.


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