Will ChatGPT Write Our Queries?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is it depends, and perhaps to be more complete, ChatGPT likely will help us produce the simple, tedious queries with much less effort.

There has been a lot of news about AI and ChatGPT and how well it performs for a computer. That last phrase is important because while it’s impressive, I don’t know that any of us would consider ChatGPT to be in our list of the Top 5 Dream Dinner Guests. The tool isn’t that impressive compared to most people, especially our friends.

I look at Ayende Rahien’s blog often, and he recently had some thoughts on this topic, experimenting with ChatGPT and coding. Some things worked; some didn’t. In general, to get good code, you still need a subject matter expert, which is also the case with humans. We have plenty of people writing code that aren’t great at their jobs. We do see a lot of bad code, but we also have some great coders that help others to learn or just refactor their code later.

So is ChatGPT better than a below-average developer? I don’t know. While the tool will get better, one advantage with people is we can complain to them, or send them problem queries, and they’ll learn to paste better code in from the SQL Server Central forums or StackOverflow or somewhere else. Perhaps ChatGPT will learn, but will it learn to improve and refactor code? I’m not sure how easy it will be to teach the system to edit something rather than just produce new code.

I do think that the assistance features of AI, suggesting ways to complete sentences or lines of code, can be very valuable. They are a great productivity tool that can enhance your ability to get work done. If they learn to work in your style, suggesting the things you’ve done in the past, then these tools will help. As with most tools, they aren’t a replacement for your knowledge, but merely a lever to make you more efficient.

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1 Response to Will ChatGPT Write Our Queries?

  1. As it is these bots will never be capable of replacing actual coding experts because they aren’t actual AI but refined query engines. I expect your standard SQL Query Builder is better at building a SQL Query than any of these Chat Bots.


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