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Autonomous Driving Around London

There’s a video of Bill Gates taking a drive in an autonomous car around London. I’ve been to London dozens of times, ridden and cabs and Ubers, and even driven a few times. It’s a crazy environment, and I struggle … Continue reading

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Building a Better Profile

I give talks on branding and managing your career at various events. Often I am helping people to better market and sell themselves if find new opportunities. One area that I talk about for data professionals is the online profile. … Continue reading

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Being Responsible for Data

For much of my career, I’ve run SQL Server Central. A large part of the popularity of the site is from the forums, where people can pose questions about their struggles with SQL Server and get answers from the community. … Continue reading

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Capturing Data Changes

While working with a customer recently, I saw some code from them that used the OUTPUT and INTO clauses of an UPDATE statement to capture the changes made into another table. In this case, as users updated code strings in … Continue reading

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