Autonomous Driving Around London

There’s a video of Bill Gates taking a drive in an autonomous car around London. I’ve been to London dozens of times, ridden and cabs and Ubers, and even driven a few times. It’s a crazy environment, and I struggle to process everything as a human. This is certainly a challenge for a car.

It’s not a Tesla. In fact, I don’t see many Tesla FSD (full self driving) videos in the UK. I know they don’t have all the updates the US gets, but I struggled to find any actually in London. A few that looked like they were close to London aborted in city driving.

In any case, this is a neat video, and if you look at all the things happening, as a driver, you can see the complexity of navigating around London. Imagine programming this.

If the video doesn’t tender, the URL is here:

This is a car from Wayve, and it is impressive. Not the car, but the driving and control are something. It’s something I’d like to experience, since I could imagine this being a very neat thing in witness. Certainly would be better than the Uber I took in Las Vegas a few years ago.

They’re hiring. Not for me, but maybe for you.

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