Opening the PowerShell ISE from Explorer

This is a cool productivity trip, and one that I ran into by accident. I had heard that I could launch a command prompt by typing cmd in the address. That works, and it’s cool. It even works with ConEmu, which is my default command window.

However, while I was looking for other hints, I found that Powershell_ISE also works. That will launch the Powershell_ISE editor with the current folder as the default one in the lower pane. The “open” dialog, is still a the previous location, but I’m not sure how easy that is to change.

In any case, here’s how this works. Browse to a folder in Exporer, such as a GitHub repo I have:

2017-01-06 12_13_47-Load-SQL-Saturday-Sessions

Type “powershell_ise”

2017-01-06 12_13_56-Load-SQL-Saturday-Sessions

Hit Enter, and the ISE appears. Note the path in the lower pane.

2017-01-06 12_14_18-Windows PowerShell ISE

That’s it.

Quick, easy, and if you want to get to the ISE quickly to do something, or write some code, this is one way to do from a folder.

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2 Responses to Opening the PowerShell ISE from Explorer

  1. Victor P. says:

    On Windows 7 it opens in System32. Works well in Windows 10.


  2. Andrew J. Kelly says:

    I wonder if there is a way to open it that way with “Run as Administrator”?


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