Margaritas and TexMex at VS Live

takes place in a few weeks and I’m excited. Austin is one of those cities I enjoy visiting, with a few friends, now a Redgate office, and some great good and drink. I’m hoping my wife will come along and we can enjoy a few days there.

However, I’ll also be speaking at VS Live in May, which is a great conference for many of us that wear mixed hats. So many people these days don’t get to just work with SQL Server, or perform software development without having to understand more about deployment or networking or something else.

If you’re trying to get, or being forced, to think about DevOps, VS Live is for you. Tell your boss, this is the chance for you to expand your skills, add development skills if you’re a DBA, or add DBA (or cloud, or Windows) skills if you’re a developer.

Register for VS Live in Austin, which has to be one of the best locations. Good conference and content, good weather, great food, cold drinks, and plenty of music to enjoy at night. Register today today and

I hope to see you there, and let’s talk SQL Server and DevOps.

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