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Does Speed Compromise Quality?

One of the parts of DevOps that is often hyped is the speed and frequency of releases. Starting with Flickr and their 10 deployments a day, to Etsy deploying 50 times a day, we’ve seen companies showcasing their deployment frequency. … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #89–Changing Times

This month the invitation is from Koen Verbeeck and it has to do with the cloud changes coming to the data world, especially SQL Server. That’s an interesting topic, not necessarily technical, but it is an interesting one to think … Continue reading

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Upgrading VSTS Redgate Build Tasks

I’ve been putting it off, but in prepping for SQL Bits demos, I decided this was a good time to just upgrade my original build and release tasks on VSTS from v1 to v2 for the Redgate tasks. The first … Continue reading

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