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DevOps Basics–Getting Started with Git

Git is taking over the world as a Version Control System (VCS) and it’s actually fairly easy to use. This is a quick post on getting started using git. Git is free and you can get it from: https://git-scm.com/ I … Continue reading

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Copy-SqlJob, a handy dbatools cmdlet

I really like the dbatools project. This is a series of PowerShell cmdlets that are built by the community and incredibly useful for migrations between SQL Servers, but also for various administrative actions. I have a short series on these … Continue reading

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Three Days and a Notebook

This is a short week of work for me, really just today before heading off to attend Microsoft Build 2017. I’ll spend the rest of the week watching Microsoft show off their latest tools, ideas, technology, and more at the … Continue reading

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