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SQL Server is Lagging a Bit

I don’t expect this to last, or I hope it doesn’t, but SQL Server is lagging behind. I ran across a short piece on the SQL:2016 standards, and I know these standards aren’t necessarily an important consideration for most of us when choosing … Continue reading

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Classifying Sensitive Data

Our databases store all kinds of data in them, depending on the purpose of your database. Most of us create tables and store data in response to some requirement or necessity in our organizations. Our decisions should be driven by … Continue reading

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Adding Performance Counters back for SQL Server

I had a strange situation the other day, where a number of things went wrong with my instance. First, I lost permissions to detached databases. The SID was listed in the file permissions, but apparently unlinked to an account. Next, … Continue reading

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Improving Replication

I really like replication as a technology. I think the ability to move data around to other systems, at a gross level, is extremely handy in many systems. While SSIS and other ETL tools are very flexible and powerful, they … Continue reading

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