PowerShell $env Variables

I was playing with containers the other day, reading a Simple Talk article on the topic, and noticed the code in PowerShell (PoSh) used the $env:xx syntax for variables. I know I’ve seen this before, but for some reason this struck me as something I knew little about.

I decided to search a bit. One of the first links was from WindowsITPro, and they had some great code: Get-ChildItem ENV:. When I run that, I get lots of information:

2017-06-14 14_59_52-powershell

There are more items, but there are some interesting ones that I think could be useful for me, especially with automation. I have a OneDrive path, my home path, the Username, and more.

I know I’ll never remember most of these, but really I just need to remember one: Get-ChildItem ENV:

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