Lots of Resources

I’ve got a small Azure subscription, but there are a lot of resources in my mini lab. Forty seven, to be exact right now.

2017-07-18 16_31_56-All resources - Microsoft Azure

When I look at my bill, it’s got lots of details, but not always easy to understand.I get a breakdown and burn rate.

2017-07-18 16_33_17-VS_MSDN - Microsoft Azure

I can also see details, but tracking these down to ensure I’m making good use of my credits and other charges is hard.

2017-07-18 16_33_27-Costs by resource - Microsoft Azure

I can only imagine what this looks like for a company like Redgate, and the struggles between developers, admins, and finance people trying to determine what we have, use, need, and can let go.

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2 Responses to Lots of Resources

  1. Dave Wentzel says:

    It’s not as bad as you think. For a large organization there are ways to structure resources to make this easier to manage and report on. One way is separate subscriptions. This is my favorite. Essentially dev gets a sub, prod gets a sub, etc…each with their own bill, etc. This is why when you automate with posh, for instance, you are immediately asked which sub context you want to use.

    Admittedly, it would be nice if MSFT gave some official best practices around this area. What I see a lot is noobs go in and create a bunch of stuff in a single subscription and then have difficulty 3 months later breaking it out properly after they realize what the best practices should be.

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