This Made Me Laugh: SQL v NoSQL

It’s a humorous history lesson on SQL (and product promotion), but it opens like this:


SQL awakens to fight the dark forces of NoSQL

From there it looks at the beginnings of SQL and the growth of NoSQL, going through a few sections, like


Part 1: A New Hope



Part 2: NoSQL Strikes Back

before moving to


Part 3: Return of the SQL

They finish with the idea that SQL is the most important, and common, tool for data analysis. In this era of Python and R, many may disagree, but I think they’re overall right.

Perhaps this last part proves that?


Master Data Scientist Yoda

It’s an interesting read, and I may have to watch some Star Wars this weekend.

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2 Responses to This Made Me Laugh: SQL v NoSQL

  1. RodAtHome says:

    Yes Sensei, you are wise. 😉


  2. Michael Stonebraker has said ‘SQL is inter-galactic data speak’, which is a favorite quote of mine.

    That being said I don’t think it makes much sense to compare SQL to Python and R. They have their own purpose and every now and then you read an article where somebody drank WAYYYYY too much coffee that morning and they decided to implement a deep learning algorithm using T-SQL and it reminds you why you need these other tools, too…because if you tried to do it all with SQL you’d be the smartest person in the looney bin…


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