It’s been a long career for me. In fact, I’ve been a SQL Server data professional for 17 years, just over half my life and almost the entire lifetime of the product.

In that time, I’ve worked for a number of companies in different positions. Some were good jobs, some were less good. Some lasted quite a awhile, some were short term engagements.

No matter how the experience ended, I find myself thankful for each position that continued to move me forward in my career. Even the tough experiences were ones that taught me something that was valuable later on.

I’m also very thankful that I had the support of my wife, both emotionally and with her own career. That gave me the freedom to try new positions and even start my own business. I’m thankful that I haven’t had any major health issues, nor has my family. That certainly made it easy to focus on my career.

I’ve had a great life and tremendous opportunities. On this day of thanks, it’s worth reflecting a bit on what has gone your way in life. I do think about this often, but I certainly am happy to take a few minutes and note that there is an abundance of things for me to be thankful for on most days.

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