What to Read in 2018

Last week I was looking for Database Weekly links and ran across Gail Shaw’s list of books from 2017. It’s an interesting list of fiction, and I might pick up a few this year if I run out of ideas. This reminds me of Paul Randal’s review (done annually) of his reading. I usually find a book or two in there that I’d like to read to enjoy a break from life or expand my horizons.

I was thinking about this as I’ve seen a few other posts from software and database users with books that they recommend. This was an interesting list from Xiaohan Zeng and I like this general list from John Sansom for SQL Server. I’ve run across a few others, especially from all the learning plans that people built for T-SQL Tuesday #97.

I have no shortage of fiction that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. This is a way for me to get a break from life, and I’m usually working my way through some book. This month I read the Will Robie series from David Balducci (1-4) and then started re-reading the Jesse Stone series by Robert Parker and others. Those are my downtimes and breaks from life. In the professional area, I’ve been working my way through R in a Nutshell as well as Thoughtful Machine Learning in Python. The latter has been ongoing for some time, and moving rather slow. It’s a tough one to go through.

There are classic texts in our industry, as well as some really interesting ones that many of us might enjoy. Perhaps there is something you’ve read in the last year you recommend, or there are some you want to tackle. Today I’m asking for your reading recommendations.

In our careers, I know many of us like shorter, focused posts, some like videos, and others prefer learning in person from others. Those are all great ways to learn, but I still like working through a book to either focus my learning or escape from life. Let us know today what you plan to read this year or what you’d recommend for others, either to help them become better database developers or just enjoy a good story.

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