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What to Read in 2018

Last week I was looking for Database Weekly links and ran across Gail Shaw’s list of books from 2017. It’s an interesting list of fiction, and I might pick up a few this year if I run out of ideas. This … Continue reading

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CTRL Scroll and Getting Old

The handiest thing that I’ve used lately for a computer is the Ctrl button and the scroll wheel on my mouse. If you’ve never tried it, do it now on this web page. Scroll different directions and you’ll see what … Continue reading

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How Many Have I Read?

I saw this on Facebook, and while I’m not sure of the list, I reproduced it here. I think that an American list might have a few more books, like The Call of the Wild or White Fang on it. … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Checklist Manifesto

Andy Warren recommended The Checklist Manifesto to me and after seeing his review, I decided to grab it. It’s written by a surgeon, and starts with a few stories of how people were saved in the ER by some amazing … Continue reading

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Kindle v iPad

I don’t have either, but I ran across this comparison on the devices. It says get both, if you’re a consumer of media and culture. To some extent I do think that it’s got a perspective that makes sense, and … Continue reading

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Career Warfare – Book Review

I picked up Career Warfare on the recommendation of a friend that had seen the Modern Resume presentation. I grabbed it as an e-book and have been reading it for the last few months, at a fairly slow pace (for … Continue reading

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Why Read?

I love to read. Like my friend, Paul Randal (blog, @PaulRandal), I read a lot of books every year, usually over 50. As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed reading books, primarily fiction, and it’s been a part of … Continue reading

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Reading Recommendations (Twitter is cool)

Twitter is an amazing beast. More and more I find myself getting useful information and ideas from Twitter. For someone that works at home, it’s a great window into the world outside. A couple days ago, a friend posted that … Continue reading

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Another E-Reader

No, it’s not a new device. This time it’s my son, Delaney, who has been reading on my old iPhone regularly. He started when he got through a series of science fiction that I had purchased in paperback and wanted … Continue reading

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I saw a short talk from Dan Pink a few months back from this year’s TED conference. It’s very cool, and worth watching. After watching the video, I bought the book, Drive. This book goes through some the reasons why … Continue reading

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