The 700 Milestone for SQL Saturday

This past weekend was SQL Saturday #700. Another milestone in the franchise of events, and I was glad to attend. This is my fifth or sixth Colorado Springs event, and everything ran great. The leadership has changed over the years, as has the structure and format, but attendance continues to be strong and reliable.

This year I was late, coming down after coaching youth volleyball. I arrived just as people were outside at the food trucks. That was a great idea, one that I think they took from our “no lunch”, bare-bones SQL Saturday in Denver. A few trucks pulled up and attendees could go outside and choose during a long break for lunch.


This is a smaller event, but consistently draws over 100. Many of them were still around for the end of day raffles, as you can see above.

I’m glad to see the changing of leadership over the years hasn’t prevented this event from continuing. I always worry about sustainability as organizers grow through life and become busy or change careers. As many of us age, retirement is also an issue, and it’s important that we continue to find ways to hand off responsibilities and knowledge, as well as enthusiasm to others.

I was only around for a couple sessions, including my own, but I did get a chance to hang out and chat with friends, even getting a selfie with a few.


I’d love to see more of you at the next Colorado Springs, but really more of you make an effort to attend, speak, volunteer, or organize for future SQL Saturdays. Fingers crossed we’ll meet at 800 (which should be coming soon).

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