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Learning Goals–April Update

Here is the update: I did better. Extended Events I did a little more multi-tasking this month, ensuring that if I rode the stationary bike for exercise, I had my tablet and watched some Pluralsight or read some content. Here … Continue reading

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Replication Gets Some Love

I really like replication in SQL Server. At least, I like it as a concept. It solves some hard problems and lets me move data around in a way that can handle larger loads, reduce queries to OLTP servers, and … Continue reading

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Taking Shortcuts

Many of us work in situations where we feel pressure to get work done at a pace that’s faster than we might like to move. In some sense, this is the nature of life, where customers and clients always want … Continue reading

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One of the cornerstones of GDPR compliance is appointing someone as a data protection officer for your organization. This person is responsible for ensuring that your systems and data are safe and protected, and presumably, complying with the various articles … Continue reading

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