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Python in SQL Server

The Microsoft Data Amp event was this week, with a number of SQL Server announcements. We now know this is going to be called SQL Server 2017, which is no surprise. CTP 2.0 was also released, which includes a few … Continue reading

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A Python SQL Server App

I got a link recently from Microsoft on building apps easily for SQL Server. At the top of the page, they ask you to pick a language and OS. Since I’ve done a little Python and I used Windows, I … Continue reading

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Advent of Code Day 1, Puzzle B

As I continue through the Advent of Code, albeit slowly, I’m solving each puzzle 3 days. I worked through 6 of them in Python before moving on to other languages, and this is my chance to catch up with both … Continue reading

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Advent of Code

I ran across this site after reading a post from Jeremiah Peschka. It’s an interesting idea, and since I’m trying to improve my development skills in between the rest of my work, I thought this would be fun. Advent of … Continue reading

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Python Command Line Calls

There was a time I worked in a company any we lived in the command line. This was in the early 90s, prior to Windows v3.1 being released and we primarily used DOS on a Novell network. We also had … Continue reading

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Python and Tweepy

One of the projects that’s been on my list lately is to programmatically access Twitter for a few ideas I want to play with. Since I’ve been trying to learn some Python, I thought I would take a look using … Continue reading

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