Learning is Hard–March Goals Update

This is the third update for my goals for 2018. This is about 3 weeks after the last update, and it’s too soon. Not in time, but because I haven’t done a great job.

This was a busy month. March and April are prime volleyball season, so I’ve had some longer weekends and time off to coach and watch my daughter play. Add to that some ski time and I haven’t had a lot of work or free time. As a result, my days at work are busy with catching up and ensuring I’m getting things done for work.

Learning has suffered, and like the Oct/Nov conference season, learning is suffering here.

My two appointments, Tues afternoon just after work and Friday afternoon, have been busy with other events, or with the need to do more work. As a result, not enough learning. Here’s an update in my two areas.

Extended Events

Very little here. This is Tuesday learning, and I’ve gotten myself jammed up for time every week. I’m considering moving this to another day, but not sure which one is better. I’m tempting to try and get through ski season and see if Tues then lightens a bit at work.

I did watch more of Jonathan Kehayias’ Pluralsight course while on the bike, but not practical work.


I spent a couple of hours working through some basics on lists and dictionaries. I realized that I haven’t been doing this enough and I needed a refresher. That was good, and it helped me build a few Questions of the Day, as well as get some practice.

The one upside is that I was struggling with a puzzle in T-SQL and decided to try Python. I solved it in about 10 minutes, and my solution worked the first time. I was proud of that, and spent another 10-15 minutes solving another problem. So, I know a few things.

No real formal learning, but I feel like I should race through a Pluralsight course and try to be sure I have a good grounding. Plans for next month as I’m traveling a bit.

Too Busy

A few things with family and then volleyball affected me more than I thought, but that’s part of a busy life and it challenges my focus on learning. I’m also letting myself get distracted with the shiny things, reading a bit on various other technologies, which is part of my job. However, CosmosDB and other items aren’t what I planned for this year.

I’m putting pressure on myself to get through some XE and Python learning and then move into other areas. We’ll see if I can pick things up next month.

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