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The Nightmare Letter

I’m not sure if this imaginary GDPR letter is a nightmare, but I do know that in most of the organizations where I’ve worked, this type of request would result in a crash project for me. I’d be working long hours, contacting … Continue reading

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Small Changes and Big Impacts

I’ve been doing some work with RLS lately (Row-Level Security). I think this is one of the most useful features added in SQL Server 2016, and I wish it had been available earlier in my career. I’ve had the need … Continue reading

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The 700 Milestone for SQL Saturday

This past weekend was SQL Saturday #700. Another milestone in the franchise of events, and I was glad to attend. This is my fifth or sixth Colorado Springs event, and everything ran great. The leadership has changed over the years, … Continue reading

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A True Lift and Shift

Microsoft bought a data center. That’s not news, after all, they’ve been building and buying data centers for some time as they look to expand their Azure footprint, as well as continue to power their own internal systems. As they’ve grown, they’ve also learned … Continue reading

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