The Figleaf Data Masking Beta

I’ve been using the Redgate Software Data Masker for SQL Server in a number of situations to help customers. This is a tool we purchased in 2017 and is a part of the SQL Provision bundle to make building safe, secure dev and test databases.

Project Figleaf is the next version of our data masking product and you can help us make it better. There’s a beta out that you can download and play with. Our development team is conducting research to better understand how we can meet your data masking needs.

As much as I like Data Masker, it’s a clunky, cumbersome tool that takes some getting used to working with. The UI is old, and at times, a bit of an impediment. It works well, and I’ve grown used to it, but we can do better, and we’re trying.

If you work with sensitive information in your production systems, don’t bring that back to dev and test. Instead, give our new Figleaf beta a try and see if this is something that might be helpful to you. Or even download Data Masker and try that.

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