Refreshed and Back from Vacation

It was a nice break to get away from work for a couple weeks. My family and I traveled 2,000+ miles to Glacier National Park. We camped out each night, and managed to get to both Yellowstone (briefly) and Glacier. Obligatory pic below.


For the most part, I was unwired. There were plenty of places were traveled each day where no connectivity was available. My cell phone was mostly used for pictures, with the “No service” text at the top while in most of the national parks.

Lots of hiking, and some horseback riding. My wife even managed to get me on a horse one day.


It was nice to get away, and a little strange to arrive back in a place with more concrete and people than trails and wildlife.

Going through email and quite a few requests that came in over the last two weeks, as well as starting to prep for SQL Saturday Baton Rouge this weekend. Back in the saddle, as they say, very quickly this week.

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