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At Redgate, we release a lot of changes to our products. In fact, this is the “About Redgate” slide I’ve been using in talks related to the company.

2018-08-23 09_36_29-ReduceAttackSurfaceArea.pptx - PowerPoint

If you look in the lower right, you’ll see product releases from last year (2017). We have 30-ish products, so that’s roughly 38 releases per product. Not every product releases at this cadence, but a lot of them release every week. SLQ Monitor, for example, releases every Wednesday.

Of course, there’s the inevitable release-a-bug-and-need-to-fix-it-so-a-second-release this week, but those don’t happen too often. I’ve been tracking releases this year, and not too many were corrected in the same week, but it does happen.

Some people say that’s the problem with DevOps, but I think it’s the advantage. I guarantee that most software releases include bugs. If you release once a quarter, are you ready to re-release in a couple days to fix something? Or do customers live with issues for a quarter? The advantage of DevOps is we can fix things quickly, in addition to adding new features quickly.

Redgate does some amazing development work and I’m proud of the ladies and gentleman that write the code.

I still complain, and there’s room for improvement, but they do a great job and I try to remember to thank them and complement their work when I do see them.

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