T-SQL Tuesday #106 – Trigger Headaches or Happiness

tsqltuesdaySince I took over the T-SQL Tuesday a few months ago, I decided I ought to host again. Especially since I’ve done it twice, but Wayne Sheffield got his third spot last month. Gotta keep up with Mr. Sheffield.

Triggers, for fun and frustration

I’ve been working with SQL Server and T-SQL a long time, and across many jobs, I think I’ve ended up using triggers in 0.01% of my tables or less. They can be a useful and helpful construct, but they can also be problematic and difficult, especially in the age of changing business models and rules.

Since I’ve found triggers to be both helpful and hurtful, I decided to ask you to write about an experience you’ve had with triggers. Either good or bad, but let me know this month what stands out in your mind.

The Rules

As always, the rules for this month are simple.

  • Write and publish a post on September 11, 2018, UTC time.
  • Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo (you can grab this above) and link your post back to this invitation.
  • Leave a comment/pingback on this post for me to use to include you in the roundup
  • Have fun.

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37 Responses to T-SQL Tuesday #106 – Trigger Headaches or Happiness

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  11. paschott says:

    Fun topic that’s near and dear to all of us. I decided to write about “disabling” triggers.


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  16. natethedba says:

    I love it when a postback works the first time. =D


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  18. Matthew McGiffen says:

    Hopefully I’m in just under the wire – I believe it’s still Tuesday somewhere!


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