When Microsoft announced SQL Operations Studio last year, I wasn’t thrilled. The move to a VS Code shell was less of a concern to me than having a better SSMS toolset. Actually, with VS moving to MacOS, I was hoping we’d get a slimmer, closer VS version of SSMS that allowed add-ins, extensions, and plugins.

No such luck. We got SQL Operations Studio, which had the unfortunate acronym of SOS. To top it off, I felt this was more of a developer tool, but the name implies a DBA/sysadmin tool. To me this was a tool somewhat lost in its mission.

Now we have Azure Data Studio, the renamed SOS, which is interesting. I know there are more features than SOS and some additional work coming, but I can’t get too excited. Other than people that want native connections to a server from OSX and Linux and write T-SQL, is this that useful?

You can download it and see what you think.

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  1. The adds-on are extremely graphic and fancy for now, I agree with you.
    But if we can develop more geeky adds-on about performance we might change this software in better.
    I hope Red-Gate will port the cool stuff to SOS.


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