T-SQL Tuesday #108

tsqltuesdayIt’s that time of month, and this is a good topic as it relates to career learning. I’m a big fan of improving your career, so I like this topic. The invitation is from Mala, one of the people I look forward to seeing each year at various events.

Non SQL Server Tech

At heart, I’m something of a data person, though I dabble in various other technologies at times. This year, I made it a point to work on learning two new technologies, one of which was outside of SQL Server. Python was what I chose and I ended up spending some time on various Python courses for about 5 months. Then life and work got in the way.

I still want to spend a bit more time on Python, but I also recognize that I need a new challenge, so I’m going to pick something else for 2019. For me, this will be CosmosDB.

I think CosmosDB is a neat technology and has some really good things inside of it, but I really don’t know enough about it. I’ve had minor exposure to NoSQL structures, but not really enough to know how well I’d use them for a project.

The Plan

For 2019, or at least for the first quarter(ish), I want to port a database from SQL Server to CosmosDB and play with the differences. I have a few sample ones, but I’ve been compiling a database of some SQL Saturday data and want to use that as a test. I’ll work on moving the data to the different CosmosDB structures, likely a document structure and a graph structure, and gain some experience as to how these work.

I hope to build a simple REST website that accesses these databases, which should also let me compare the differences for data access and note where one structure might work better than the other.

I’ll set a reminder for the end of each month in 2019 (Jan-Apr) to evaluate where I am.

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