The 2019 Learning Goals

As mentioned in my editorial, I plan on working through books this year for some extra learning. Certainly I’ll still use Pluralsight, websites, and more learn some things, but I want to get through at least 6 books this year and practice those skills. Six seems doable. Eight would be great. Twelve is unlikely and four is a failure. You can see this in my amazing, homegrown career skill thermometer.

2018-12-20 13_31_33-Presentation1 - PowerPoint

In any case, my goal tracking will be looking at how I get through books. Here are the ones on my list for now, in no particular order. They’re just listed in the order I bought them during the CyberWeek sale.

I’m going to start with Pro SQL Server on Linux and go from there. I may add other books, or change mid year, depending on what I find as I go through these books.

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