Down for a week but keeping ahead

I work in a publishing business at SQLServerCentral, which means that I often have things written, edited, and scheduled out ahead of time. As much as we want the site to be dynamic, fresh, and changing in content, it takes a bit of work to keep a pipeline of things ready to go.

When I’m traveling, or the holidays are near, I try extra hard to be prepared, since I know that life will get in the way of things, I’ll be distracted, and I forget things. I often have a week to ten days worth of stuff ready and often scheduled.

This past week I was glad I had done that.

The weekend between Christmas and New Years I started to feel ill, which wasn’t what I wanted. Not that I ever want to be sick, but there are better and worse times. We had a trip planned to Steamboat Springs for a few days and as I packed skis, I knew it was unlikely I’d get on the slopes. I didn’t, and spent a couple days out of town, mostly in bed reading. Good for relaxing away from life, not what I wanted.

Basically I was in bed all last week, only at my computer Wednesday briefly when I returned from the mountains to schedule a few things before back in bed. I didn’t even leave my room Thur and Fri. I felt slightly better over the weekend, but wiped out again today.

I managed to go find a laptop and power cable, needing to schedule a few other things to get through another couple days, but this has been a rough time time on my body. Some flu bug, so I’m glad I a) work at home and b) don’t have to be working every day to survive.

Hope everyone else is well and had a good holiday season, and hope to be back and moving well soon.

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2 Responses to Down for a week but keeping ahead

  1. pianorayk says:

    Ouch! Get well soon!


  2. Rod Falanga says:

    WOW, Steve. Sorry to hear that. I’ve been ill before when on vacation. It’s never nice. Glad it wasn’t too serious.


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