Pro SQL Server on Linux- More Installs

As part of my learning goals for 2018, I wanted to work through various books. This is part of my series on Pro SQL Server on Linux from Bob Ward.

After my last post, I decided to try and install the SQL Server 2019 preview version and see how that worked. I followed the instructions from Books Online.

Adding a new Repo

At first, I used curl to get the new repo file and then run the install. When looking at the install (sudo yum install –y mssql-server), I wondered if this would know I wanted 2019 instead of 2017. At this point,  my system has two repos, so how does it know?

No idea, but it worked.

2018-12-20 14_32_09-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Or did it?

2018-12-20 14_35_41-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

I think I upgraded my instance, which is fine. This is testing, so it works fine for me.

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