Pausing the Learning for March

In my last update, I was disappointed with my February progress. Busy with life and work, I didn’t do much reading or practicing. The latter is really the important part.

I started March thinking I’d do a bit more, but I realize that won’t happen. I tried a little over the weekend, but with coaching responsibilities and family items, I just couldn’t really focus.

March is a busy month for me outside of work. I have 3 major weekend volleyball tournaments with my daughter and my team, some travel for work, and still family commitments. In addition, I’ve started authoring a course with Packt, so my nights will be busy.

As a result, I’m going to pause learning for March. Once I get past a few of these deadlines, I’ll go ahead and start reading again. For now, March will be heads down with SQL Server 2019.

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