A Clean Values Clause with SQL Prompt

I’ve had this code in a snippet for a long time:

2019-04-25 12_33_20-00_endtoend_initialsetup.sql - (sa (60))_ - Microsoft SQL S

I appreciate the markup to prevent SQL Prompt from doing this, which used to always happen.

2019-04-25 12_34_33-00_endtoend_initialsetup.sql - (sa (60))_ - Microsoft SQL S

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used CTRL+Z to undo that format, add the markup, and format again.

A few months back. I was talking with someone and noticed this:

2019-04-25 12_35_32-SQL Prompt - Formatting styles

A new option for formatting called “INSERT”. This allows you to specify how you want to insert column list to appear. What’s even better, is at the bottom it says “Values”. Scroll down and you see options for separately formatting the VALUES clause, which I use all the time.

2019-04-25 12_35_39-SQL Prompt - Formatting styles

Now I can format easily without worrying my VALUES clause will get spread all over the page.

2019-04-25 12_37_14-00_endtoend_initialsetup.sql - (sa (60))_ - Microsoft SQL S

SQL Prompt is amazing. If you haven’t given it a try, download an eval today. If you have the Toolbelt, you ought to be using this every day.

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