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Keynotes in Australia and New Zealand

I get to do the SQL in the City Summit keynotes in Australia and New Zealand. I’m excited, following the footsteps of Kendra Little and Donovan Brown, who have done them in the US. Register today for Brisbane, Christchurch, and … Continue reading

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Clearing an Email from the Microsoft Directory

Years ago I was working on a demo with Microsoft and someone added me to their VSTS (now Azure DevOps) project. Somehow, I got an account in the Live/Passport/Joe-Schmo Azure directory with my red-gate.com email. This hasn’t been a problem … Continue reading

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What Limits Do You Want in 2019?

SQL Server 2019 is in development, and likely getting close to being released. I mean, it is named 2019, so I assume we’re down less than 6 months of time before we start deploying it. One of the decisions that … Continue reading

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