Keynotes in Australia and New Zealand

I get to do the SQL in the City Summit keynotes in Australia and New Zealand. I’m excited, following the footsteps of Kendra Little and Donovan Brown, who have done them in the US.

Register today for Brisbane, Christchurch, and Melbourne.

The talk is on the State of Database DevOps in 2019. It’s likely some things many of you think about, but I’m hoping to inspire you to start adopting better development practices, give you reasons it’s a good idea, and providing some information that might help you get support from your management.

It’s going to be an exciting tour, and some long days. I’ve got four sessions at each Summit, as well as a session or two the next day at SQL Saturday in each city. Join me for a packed weekend of learning in one of our locations.

Come see me and register today for one of our Summits:

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