A Lost Day

I’m writing this in advance, as I usually recommend for all bloggers, because this is a lost day for me. I’m not going to experience May 27th, 2019 on the Earth. This happened to me last year as well, when I missed Oct 28, 2018, never setting foot on the ground anywhere on Earth.

Some of you have experienced this, some not, but it’s interesting for me. I actually left yesterday, May 26th, from Denver to get on a plane. Around 11pm at night, my flight left San Francisco heading west. The next time I’ll set foot on the ground will be Tuesday, My 28, in Sydney, Australia.

I don’t actually lose time, at least human time, which is a construct that we get around with our extremely fast air transport. In this case, I cross the International Dateline heading West, so by the time the plane lands, it will be Tuesday and I’ll have missed Monday.

Of course, it will just feel like a long trip to me and when I arrive, it will likely feel like Monday evening to my body. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep.

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4 Responses to A Lost Day

  1. Rod Falanga says:

    WOW, you had me goin’ there, Steve. Funny though, the way you put that. At first I thought you were sick and bed-ridden. Glad that isn’t the issue.


  2. way0utwest says:

    Slightly bed ridden. Tried to sleep for about 9 hours on the plane, and a nap today, but pushing through.


  3. Looking forward to the follow up post – when you ‘land before you have taken off’ 🙂


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