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One of the bugs features of the bbPress forum software is that all posts were shown in a time zone, which for us was a default of UTC. Not a bad choice, but this made for funny displays, depending on where you were. Posting in the UK showed you as having posted an hour ago after Daylight Savings Time. Posting in the US showed future times.

A mess, for sure.

It’s fixed, or at least, it’s mostly fixed if you’re a traveler. This fix rolled out while I was in Australia, and as a result, I logged in and my time zone got picked up as Sydney. That made sense, since that’s roughly where I was (Brisbane or Melbourne), but it made for some funny posts when I was back in Denver. I replied to a post yesterday and the time I was for the original post and my reply were both the next morning.

There’s an easy fix for now. You can access your profile from the upper right menu. Once it comes up, click “Edit Profile” and then find the time zone. If it’s wrong, fix it and the posts will be at the right time.

It’s something I wish we’d thought of early on, but in testing, we usually were looking for the posts in the right order, and I never considered if the actual time was the time I’d was working in. A mistake on my part, and my apologies for those in the community that were distracted, upset, or confused by this.

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