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I’ve written lots of scripts that were deployed to production. I’ve often had another set of eyes look them over, and still, we made mistakes. In fact, a recent Salesforce outage was blamed on a poorly written database script that gave users more rights than they should have gotten. There wasn’t an actual outage caused by the script, but since customers might have been able to see data and change from other customers, Salesforce took its own service down to prevent anyone from doing so.

I’m a big fan of DevOps, and certainly including the database in a DevOps process to build a better software development flow. Part of that is ensuring that you can deploy by practicing the act multiple times. In a database world, this would mean that we run a script not just on a development server, but on a QA server, on a staging server, on any other environment we can find to practice and test the deployment. At that point, we should be confident of execution on the production system without issues.

Good in theory, but sometimes you can’t easily test scripts in intermediate environments. I think changing security is a place where it can be hard to actually test things, especially if specific accounts are referenced that might not need or have access in that environment. Certainly some data changes might be easily be tested in intermediate environments, especially when these refer to configuration differences, like email or messaging systems.

In this case, I suspect the “access changes” were data changes that updated values in certain tables in the Salesforce application. In that case, why wasn’t this tested? A restore of production to a staging environment would allow developers to test their script. It’s not multiple executions on intermediate servers, but it is better than nothing.

I’m sure many of you have had the need to execute scripts to change data, alter permissions, or something else in production. Could the same thing that happened to Salesforce happen to you? What precautions do you take, or what would you recommend to prevent this type of issue. Let us know today.

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